Approved as e-Waste Disposal Site under a Certificate of Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) with Approval Number

Government of India Ministry of the Environment & Forest Permit to Export

Air Quality Monitoring

There is no treatment or recycling taking place except dismantling. However, we are taking safety measures.

Financial Assurance

Will provide a Insurance to the Ministry of the Environment & Forest that can be utilized to cover expenses related to dispose of the e-Wastes and/or clean up the facility in case of business dissolution.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability will insured with a noted insurance company.

Pollution Liability

Suitable Amount will be coverage as insured for Pollution Liability a noted insurance company.

Logistic Services
Proper arrangement of assets and transportation of them not only secures a chain of custody of assets but also protects the value of them which is an important beginning of full spectrum of disposition process.
Data Eraser
Hi-Tech Recycling guarantees that data from your system is destroyed electronically (DOD standard) or physically, before remarketing.
Recycling Services
Whether it is a mixed lot of high value and low value products or you send us low value products only after