About Us

                       Hi-Tech Recycling India Pvt. Ltd. aims at becoming a trusted IT asset management (in full range of logistic management, data erasure, refurbishing, remarketing and recycling services) company for retiring IT asset equipments.

                       To accomplish our mission, Hi-Tech Recycling commits its human, financial, and managerial resources to continue to Conduct a responsible in-house de-manufacturing service for non-reusable and/or non-resalable products in order to achieve the environmental obligations of zero landfill and zero export of electronic wastes to third world countries Implement an open and transparent operation that is accessible to clients

  • by keeping records of all working products and parts along with obsolete equipments that have been de-manufactured
  • by keeping records of all the data erasures
  • by accepting an audit visit by our clients to our facility including downstream recyclers
  • by keeping records of how and where all the recovered base materials and hazardous materials are treated Keep our workforce trained and informed to meet clients expectations Comply strictly with or excel the requirements of environmental laws or regulations and industry standards on the aspects of environment, health and safety