Why Recycle

Recycling Services

Whether it is a mixed lot of high value and low value products or you send us low value products only after cherry picked high value products, the entire lot passes through a visual and functional test to sort out low value products (so that remarketing is not a viable option financially) or non-reusable condition (although functioning but physically damaged severely) for disposal in an environmentally compliant manner.

The only way to achieve environmental disposal is to disassemble the IT assets and reclaim various base and hazardous materials for subsequent recycling processing.

Disassembly of IT assets begins with removal of hazardous materials bearing parts (CRTs with leaded glass from monitor/TV, mercury-containing bulb from laptop/LCDs/Scanner/Copier/Fax machine, batteries from various devices, and ink toner cartridges from printers) from equipment.

The reclaimed hazardous materials bearing parts and base materials are sent to qualified downstream processors for further processing.

A strict adherence to disassembly operation of non-remarketable IT assets ensures that zero landfill will be achieved.

Audit for Downstream Recyclers

Audits for Hi-Tech Recycling downstream recyclers have been conducted by Hi-Tech Recycling within its best knowledge. The downstream recyclers’ information can be disclosed upon signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement.