2011 and 2012

Hi-Tech Recycling (I) Pvt. Ltd is the official E-waste partner for Pune IT Expo 2011 and 2012

Environment protection has become one of the key concerns for mankind. Technology is changing rapidly and so is the environment problems. The key concern today is the growing amount of E-waste, which is harming our environment in various ways. We at Hi-tech Recycling has always thought of overcoming such problems by recycling E-waste in a environment friendly manner.

The major obstacle today is the awareness about the hazards of E-waste. For which we are partnering with CMDA for E-waste recycling in IT Expo. Our main focus is to promote E-waste recycling so that our next generation can breath in sound and safe environment.

In the IT EXPO we are having the facility to all the visitors to get their E-Waste ( Laptops, Desktops, mobiles, any electronic or Electrical parts etc) to the exhibition and hand over to us which we will scientifically destroy it. We will provide them the receipt of e waste product. Every product will be given some amount to encourage and divert them from giving to scrap traders . Free entry in ITEXPO will be given to the visitorís who will bring E-WASTE.

Pune IT Expo will be held at Pune.

Mail us to know more. Help environment by reducing E-waste.

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Logistic Services
Proper arrangement of assets and transportation of them not only secures a chain of custody of assets but also protects the value of them which is an important beginning of full spectrum of disposition process.
Data Eraser
Hi-Tech Recycling guarantees that data from your system is destroyed electronically (DOD standard) or physically, before remarketing.
Recycling Services
Whether it is a mixed lot of high value and low value products or you send us low value products only after